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  • Bio-pharmaceutical process

    Zhongyuan Company’s platform for services associated with bio-pharmaceutical process scale-up can help small and medium-sized enterprises that are making innovations in biotechnology to quickly prepare clinical trial samples, shorten research and development period, reduce research and development costs and the risk of submitting new drugs for approval, and support high-efficiency research and development of enterprises that have advantages in drug production, and upgrade their manufacturing processes to improve the international competitiveness of products.
    1. Cell / Gene Therapy:
     1) High efficiency lentivirus preparation (preparation of Preclinical Supercoil-plasmid, culture and purification of Lentivirus);
     2) CELLCUBE culture of 293T attached cells;
     3) MSC mesenchymal stem cell microcarrier filtration perfusion culture.
    2. Antibody field:
     1) Clinical approval of antibody hollow fiber perfusion culture process;
     2) Fed-batch cultivation clarification and concentration.
    3. Vaccines:
     1) Production of cell vaccines to clarify the concentration process;
     2) Clarification and purification of DNA plasmid vaccine;
     3) VERO cell microcarrier filtration perfusion culture process;
     4) Extraction and purification process of attenuated vaccine;
     5) Polysaccharide seed cleaning filtration process.