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    Promotional product list

    FastStart Essential Series

    FastStart Essential DNA Probes Master

    FastStart Essential DNA Green Master


    The product features

    1 Essential series of FastStart polymerase - enhance qPCR amplification detection from the source

    FastStart qPCR premix is activated by Taq DNA polymerase by chemical modification and high temperature start-up. Whether based on fluorescent dye method or hydrolysis probe method, high amplification efficiency and high quality can be obtained in real-time quantitative PCR. Fluorescence signal, the quantitative result is highly accurate.

    2 performance characteristics - high-accuracy genetic research results stem from the following points


    Get high fluorescence signals for more sensitive results analysis

    Increase the efficiency of qPCR amplification using chemically modified hot-start FastStart Taq DNA polymerase

    Stable and repeatable results, the prepared reaction solution can be stably stored at room temperature for 48 h before detection

    Amplification and detection for high GC content or up to 500 bp fragments without additional reagents and optimization

    Premixed liquid with dUTP to prevent false positive results from residue contamination.


    3 FastStart Essential DNA Master performance is optimized and validated on the following instrument platforms

    Roche platform: LightCycler® 96, etc.

    Thermo Fisher Scientific Platform: 7500/7300Plus, QuantStudio Series, StepOne/StepOne Plus, ViiA7, etc.

    Bole platform: CFX 96/384 (touch), CFX Connect

    Stratagene platform: Mx3000P, Mx3005P

    Kaijie platform: Rotor-Gene Q

    * Covers common models of common platforms, such as experimental needs, can add additional ROX dye correction


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