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  • How to reduce the experimental background? Abcam has a trick!

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    The small partners who use a variety of antibodies for biological experiments often encounter problems with higher backgrounds in the experimental results, often making the resulting images less clear and beautiful. Want to reduce the experimental background and listen to the recommendations from researchers at Cambridge University.

    Minimize non-specific binding and high background staining.

    "The great secondary antibody. High specificity, strong signal. There is still enough sensitivity after high dilution. I recommend this antibody to everyone." - Researcher at the University of Cambridge, UK

    What is pre-adsorption?

    Pre-adsorption (also known as cross-adsorption) is an additional purification step used to increase the specificity of the antibody. The solution containing the secondary antibody flows through a matrix column containing immobilized serum proteins obtained from potentially cross-reacting species. The non-specific secondary antibody will remain in the column and the specific high secondary antibody will pass.

    Advantages of pre-adsorption (cross-adsorption) secondary antibodies

    We always recommend pre-adsorbed (cross-adsorbed) secondary antibodies to reduce non-specific background when dealing with tissues and cells. In addition to the above purposes, these antibodies are particularly useful in the following ways:

    Multi-color experiment: When multiple primary antibodies and their corresponding secondary antibodies are used at the same time, a secondary antibody that uses other primary antibodies should be used to pre-adsorb a secondary antibody to reduce the risk of cross-reaction between the secondary antibody and the other primary antibody. .

    For example, when using the primary antibody produced in rabbits and mice for double staining, use anti-rabbit Alexa Fluor® 488 secondary antibody pre-adsorbed with mouse serum, and anti-mouse pre-adsorbed with rabbit serum. Alexa Fluor® 647 secondary antibody.

    Perform an IHC experiment on samples containing large amounts of endogenous immunoglobulin (Igs): The secondary antibody should be pre-adsorbed with the same species as the sample source species to reduce the risk of secondary antibody and immunoglobulin cross-reactivity.

    Example: When staining human tissues and cell lines, an anti-mouse HRP secondary antibody that has been pre-adsorbed with human serum is used.

    Below is a link to our most popular pre-adsorbed secondary antibodies. If you want to know more about our pre-adsorbed secondary antibodies, use the search engine here:

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