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  • Inheriting excellence, going steady and lasting -- and 2018 annual meeting of Beijing zhongyuan company

    The golden chicken retired from the old age, and the Swiss dog sent spring! In this season of the old and new, Beijing Zhongyuan Ltd.'s 2017 year-end summary meeting was held in Tianjin on February 3, 2018. The Beijing head office and all the colleagues in Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenyang Branch gathered together with the company's leaders to participate in the event.

    At the conclusion meeting, Mr. Li Jinghua, Vice President of the Company, Ms. Lei Wei, Vice President, and Mr. Li Zhigang, Vice President, made a wonderful summary report on the 2017 national industrial business, foreign trade business logistics business and office administration.

    Mr. Zhu Xiaoyong, President of Zhongyuan Company, first reviewed the development history of Zhongyuan Company's 18 years of dedication, focus and professional service to its customers. Under the leadership of the company's board of directors and management team in the past year, many reform measures were carried out. Detailed report; a comprehensive and detailed summary of the development of the company's business in 2017; Finally, Mr. Zhu made a vision for the key work of Zhongyuan Company in 2018.



    Group photo of all employees of Beijing Zhongyuan Company

    Mr. Li Jinghua, Vice President, made a summary of the national industrial business

    Ms. Lei Wei, Vice President, summarizes foreign trade, business and logistics business

    Mr. Li Zhigang, Vice President, summarizes the work of office administration

    Mr. Zhu Xiaoyong, President of the company, made a summary of the company's 2017 work


    2017 is a year in which Beijing Zhongyuan Ltd. is determined to make progress. All the Central Plains people have successfully completed the work goals set in 2017. Looking forward to 2018, opportunities and challenges will coexist. All Zhongyuan people will continue to "pass the ingenuity of service and create a century of Central Plains" dream. Dedicating our little power to the development of China's bio-industry!

    After the year-end summary meeting, all the Central Plains people began the annual Spring Festival Gala of the Central Plains Company. The whole party was rooted in the culture of the Central Plains, with a novel form and elegant style, showing the positive spirit of the Central Plains. Beijing headquarters and branch colleagues have presented their own self-edited, self-directed, and self-produced programs. The dances, sketches, and songs are brilliant and colorful, and they won applause! The wonderful lottery session once again brought the atmosphere to the climax. Finally, after Mr. Fang Zhining, the chairman of Zhongyuan Company, took out an exciting special prize, the party was successfully completed in the unforgettable music.

    Ministry of Commerce Dance "Beauty"

    Shenyang Branch, Sketch "Say Good Happiness"

    Import and Export Department / Order Management Department / Standards Business Department / Office

    Dance "Big Fish Sea Bream"

    Department of Industry / Life Sciences

      Sketch "The Legend of the Brave"

    Guangzhou Branch Dance "Black and White Dance"

    Shanghai Branch Dance "Touch"

    Marketing Department / Shenyang Branch Song "Sansheng Sanshi"

    Guangzhou / Import and Export Department / Office / E-commerce and Information Department / Life Science Department

    Piece "Universal Potion"

    Tianjin Branch Song and Dance "Tianjin"

    The whole party is closely related to the corporate culture of Zhongyuan Company and is the epitome of the corporate culture of Zhongyuan Company. In 2018, the Central Plains will be led by the company's leadership, united in the city, knowing and doing, and doing the same! Continue to adhere to the values of "unity, diligence, innovation, development" and climb new heights in the new year!