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  • Biolink Supply Chain (Beijing) Ltd become AEO Senior Certified Enterprise by Chinese Custom

    On 25th Dec. 2019, Biolink Supply Chain (Beijing) Ltd (Biolink) as 2019 authorized AEO Senior Certified Enterprise participated: “Beijing Customs Senior Certified Enterprise Awards and Enterprise Coordinator Launching Ceremony” by Beijing Custom. There are 18 enterprise pass the 2019 Beijing Custom Senior Authorized and eared AEO certificate and 79 Beijing Senior Enterprise issued Senior Authorized Enterprise Coordinator Award by Beijing Custom.

    Beijing Customs Senior Certified Enterprise Awards and Enterprise Coordinator Launching Ceremony

    This time, Biolink were not only earn customs AEO Senior Certified Enterprise and also received Beijing Senior Authorized Enterprise Coordinator Award, it is the approbate on Biolink domestic management and operating by Beijing Customs. This achievement is a huge step on future operate and develop, it become a milestone on the road of Biolink develop, it marks Biolink will have the right on priority release, low inspection rate and other benefit from AEO recognized nation or area customs, which will help to promote enterprise business corporation in the international and domestic market,protect international business image,improve competitive,reduce supply chain and customs clearance budget.


    The vice Commissioner of Beijing Customs Gao, Ruifeng issued AEO certificate to Biolink

    Becoming AEO Senior authorized enterprise means Biolink will have the privilege from Customs Credit Management Office on customs clearance, less time, lower cost, it also further enhances the Biolink’s competitive on international trade market. Chinese customs has strict standard on senior authorized enterprise. Until now, only 1% import and export enterprise become Customs Senior Authorized enterprise because it is the common recognized highest level of international trade enterprise by each nation’s customs, which is difficult to applicate and with strictest inspection protocol, the pass rate in China is only 0.5%. The AEO senior authorized enterprise is the credible enterprise for customs and the leader of international trade enterprise.

    About AEO authorized

    AEO (Authorized Economic Operator),means “authorized operators”, according to “Measures of the People's Republic of China for Customs Enterprise Credit Management” 2018,“Authorized enterprise” means the authorized operators by Chinese Customs (AEO). Chinese Customs recognized with other nation or area customs and provide more convenient customs clearance process. AEO senior authorized is the highest credit level issued by Chinese Customs, is the symbol of the top level international trade enterprise, inspection content involved enterprise internal management, current operating situation, legalization, trade safety and other 27standards.

    About Biolink Supply Chain (Beijing) Ltd

    Biolink Supply Chain (Beijing) Ltd was established in March, 2017, registered in Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing. Biolink is the holding subsidiary company of Beijing Zhongyuan Ltd with over 30 years of experience professional team in life sciences, international trade, warehousing and logistics management. Storehouse close to Beijing Airport, with over 3000 m2 storage area and 800 m2 Integrated Free Trade Zone storehouse which can satisfied different products storage temperature requirement, enterprise also have advance ERP operating system, including sales platform (SAP system), order management (OMS system) and storage logistics (WMS system), which can provide efficient order processing and tracking service for the customers; provide accurate and complete business data reports to supplier, to make sure the whole supply chain ordered and high-efficiency operating.


    Biolink Supply Chain (Beijing) Ltd AEO Certificate

    Biolink Supply Chain (Beijing) Ltd Senior Authorized Enterprise Coordinator Award